Rent Quad in Formentera

In the last decade, renting a quad has become a popular trend in many Mediterranean tourist destinations, including the beautiful island of Formentera. However, it is important to note that it is currently not legal to have quads on this island of Formentera. In this article, we want to inform users about these measures and offer alternatives for getting around Formentera.


Why are quads NOT rented in Formentera?

  • They do not have access to dirt roads
  • They cannot park in parking lots for motorcycles or cars.
  • They can only travel on paved roads between towns.
  • They cannot be rented during the summer months.

Since 2016, quad access has been prohibited to the most beautiful beaches in Formentera, such as Playa de Ses Illetes and Playa de Levante, which are located in the Salinas de Ibiza y Formentera natural park. These beaches are known for their crystal clear water, white sand, and stunning views. To access them, it is necessary to pass a checkpoint located at the beginning of the dirt road that connects La Savina with Es Pujols, the main tourist center of the island. Unfortunately, for some years now, quads have not been allowed.

There are two main reasons for this prohibition. Firstly, quads are noisy vehicles that disturb the tranquility of these places and affect the birds that live in the salt ponds. Secondly, these powerful vehicles with “aggressive” tires make it difficult to maintain the dirt roads that connect the numerous coves with the authorized parking lots.

Furthermore, during the months of July and August, which are the high tourist season on the island, the circulation of quads has been completely prohibited on all roads in Formentera since 2019. This measure was taken due to the numerous accidents caused by tourists without experience that they rented quads without having a special license, since in Europe it is not required. As a result, renting a quad in Formentera is not only not convenient, but it has also become difficult to find these vehicles at an affordable price.

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Alternative vehicles to Quads in Formentera

So, what are the alternatives to get around the island of Formentera? A popular option is to rent a scooter, which is the ultimate means of transportation to explore the island in complete freedom. Since Formentera is a small island, if you stay in a central area, you can enjoy a healthy holiday in full contact with nature by renting a bicycle. It is a quiet, economical and environmentally friendly option. For those who prefer a more comfortable option, you can consider renting an electric bike, which will allow you to explore the island without much effort and enjoy the “slow pace” of Formentera.

However, we understand that many visitors miss the experience of riding a quad bike as it was an additional form of fun while on holiday. To compensate for this lack, we recommend renting a powerful motorcycle or cars like the Mehari, the iconic hippy off-roader from the 60s. Nowadays, most rental companies on the island offer these colorful historical vehicles that have been completely revised and renewed.

On the other hand, if you have decided to follow the path of ecology, you can always choose to rent an electric car. In Formentera, electric cars are becoming the preferred option to preserve the essence of the island, an oasis of tranquility and virgin nature, as it was decades ago.

In short, renting a quad in Formentera is no longer a viable option due to legal restrictions and difficulties in finding these vehicles. However, there are interesting alternatives available, such as renting a motorbike, a bicycle, a Mehari or an electric car. Each of these options offers a unique experience to explore the beauty of the island of Formentera in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


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